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"elegant, charming and seductive ..."

Dear Jil,

Thanks for an unforgettable night this Saturday. I had one of the best nights in my life. You were elegant, charming and seductive at the same. I truly wish we had more time!

And i mean this in every way, i enjoyed every second from our first meeting at the bar to you going away in the taxi. Engaging conversation with a smart woman who also has the body to match the intellect was incredible.

As i said my only regret is that we couldn't spend an even longer time together.

With love, I.


"really great woman ..."

Dear Jil,

it was also a very nice evening that I enjoyed very much. you are really a really great woman, with whom I felt very comfortable in every respect, who made my heart beat faster and with whom sex is exciting and beautiful. many thanks for everything!


Attractive, tender and passionate ...

Dear Jil,

Thank you for the unforgettable evening. The time with you flew by and your recommendations for hotel and restaurant were excellent for this special evening. 

Not only are you extremely attractive, you are also charming, intelligent and humorous. I immediately felt very comfortable with you and our conversations were stimulating in every respect ...

Did I forgot something? Yes, last but not least - you are extremely tender and very passionate - wow. Your beauty paired with an impressive personality and wonderful eroticism - that's exactly how I hoped for the evening with you - perfect!

Many thanks, best regards and I very much hope to see you again soon

I have business appointments in Cologne ...

All the best, S.


"..body of a goddess, a face of an angel ..."


You are everything I had ever dreamed of !!!!! You are absolute perfection !!! You have a body of a goddess, a face of an angel, and a personality of the perfect girl next door !! My expectations may have been high, but you certainly exceeded all of them. Thank you for a wonderful evening that I will never forget and hope to repeat with you again. Plan on seeing me next year and maybe sooner if I can sneak in a trip to Cologne sooner. Thank you for letting the “dirty girl” come out to play !!!


"... communicative and erotic ..."

Dear Jil,

Thank you for the lovely evening!

You are an authentic, young woman (visually younger than expected, compliments!), Communicative and very erotic with a wonderfully feminine body and eyes that shine “from within”.

You are a real dream !!!

Hot kisses!




Usually to describe a feeling you need a lot of sentences. Sometimes one word give us the possibilities to use imagination or either memories to understand all there is inside of that word ......



"Exceptional evening ..."

An exceptional evening; a wonderful woman. Jil's company is something to savor and treasure. T.


"... intellect, eloquence, optics and fun ..."

Dear Jil,

I would like to thank you again for the wonderful start to the weekend. I threatened you with feedback and I want to keep that short:

Fantastic 1+

You are a really desirable woman, because you combine intellect, eloquence, fun, optics and horniness and don't let you feel for a minute that it is Pay6. I only see the danger that you will be addictive and that I will have to visit you regularly to alleviate the “withdrawal symptoms”.


"..maximum  physical and mental highs ... "

our evening was very, very pleasurable in every way.

Maximum physical and mental highs for both of us I think.

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