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"... a lot of empathy ..."

Hi Jil - a late follow up. Thank you again for the great arrangements last week. Like a fine wine Leonie improves over time. Please tell her that, I think that she will be amused by that comparison. In all serious she is an amazing woman. I enjoy all aspect of our time; sharing a meal, debating politics, or turning her inside out. It was my intent to take very good care of Leonie - I do hope I succeeded. Very best - T.


"... enchanting and natural ..."

Hello dear Jil,

I left Cologne yesterday, resting in myself with a great, lasting feeling of happiness after the absolutely inspiring get-together with Leonie, who through her delicate empathy, her esprit and also her high emotional intelligence, the enchanting natural way of dealing and also the exciting mixture of tenderness and wildness has conjured up an experience that will enrich my memories permanently. It is rare that everything is simply beautiful and consistent in retrospect. That's what I'm looking for in order to integrate more eroticism into my existence. :-) More of it, I think to myself. :-) If the time and otherwise fit, I will contact you again. 

Thank you very much, S


"... bright, intelligent, beautiful ..."

Just to let you know: it was the most wonderful experience ever! I would like to thank you for matching us together. A match made in heaven. When the chemistry 'Voices' ... She is a bright, intelligent, beautiful young woman, very down to earth but with lots of positivity. And an amazing figure with the softest skin ever! My god Just fantastic! Hopefully you will give her my most sincere greetings (and a nice kiss or 2) Jil, thank you for trusting me with this precious diamond. Your work and your ladies are the best of the best. Keep up the good work. Thanks to you, people like me can escape for a few hours in a most relaxing time lapse. I cannot thank you enough for this. Hopefully I'll meet you and / or your ladies again in the very near future for a memorable date. Have an excellent day and a big thanks, especially to Princess Leonie ...


"She is exactly as advertised ..."

Hi Jil,

I am heading home and I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for arranging the date with Leonie. I had a wonderful time with her. She is exactly as advertised - a wonderful young woman I also believe that she enjoyed herself - or was at least kind enough to leave me with that impression. She is quite addicting. Please thank her for me personally. I am looking forward to seeing her the next time I am in Cologne. Very best regards,


"... outer and inner beauty ..."

Dear Leonie,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the great time with you.

You are a gorgeous woman whose outer beauty is far surpassed by her inner one. The time with you flew by (unfortunately, I have to say yes) and somehow I didn't even know what was happening to me. In the end, I drove home with a big smile. I hope that we can do that again soon and I am already looking forward to getting to know you better and being able to spend such a great time with an intelligent, humorous, interesting woman again.

Lovely wishes



"... knows how to make a man happy ..."

Dear Jil,

the evening with Leonie was fantastic - no even perfect. She is a wonderful woman and knows how to make a man happy. I will see her again next time I come back to Cologne. Thanks for your organizing so kind and reliable.



"... perfect, warm and caring handling ..."

Dear Jil,

I am flying back home tomorrow. However, I don't want to leave without thanking and complimenting you on the absolutely perfect, warm and caring handling of my request. Your recommendations, Leonie and x could not have been better. Both are absolutely classy ladies with great intelligence, passion, personality and, last but not least, sex appeal. I will treasure the time, I was privileged to be with them, for a long time and I can't wait to be back and use your service again. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the summer, which finally arrived in Germany.

Fondly, M.


"... great personality ..."

Dear Jil,
I want to give you a short feedback.
I am very glad that I had an opportunity to meet with Leonie. I found her very beautiful, empathetic, intellectual, and great personality. The meeting exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Leonie, and thank you, Jil, for organizing this meeting. I wish you all the best.

Best regards,


"... with a lot of skills ..."

Dear Jil 

Thanks a lot for the rendez-vous with Leonie. A few words to tell you that Leonie is an exceptional woman, very friendly, with a lot of skills ... She's very clever and talking with her is a pleasure. A very very nice person….

Regards, M.

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